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What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

Because there are so many options that come along with a CMS, it’s often difficult to decide which is the best solution for your messaging needs.

The main thing that I look for in a Content Management System is ease of use.  I’ve used a number of management solutions, and the ones that I gravitate to are those that use a drag and drop interface.  A number of these types of systems will use thumbnail images to display your content options, which makes it quite easy to distinguish between files.  Furthermore, it just looks nicer.  If I have to look at the same screen every day, at least it should be some kind of eye candy.  I have used Enterprise-based servers, and while they are robust, they can take a great deal of concentration to focus and disseminate.

Aside from the look of the CMS and its ease of use, the next most important thing to me is flexibility with scheduling.  Some Content Management Systems only allow scheduling content at the root level of the playlist.  This makes it difficult to program a specific player for unique broadcast times.  It’s important to be able to access a player and control the schedule at the player level exclusive of the root playlist.

Furthermore, analytics template options and RSS feed capability are all important, but not paramount to my decision-making process.  Analytics, being the most important of the three, is something that can be added at a later date if needed through a third party because that option is not available on your CMS.

The digital signage industry is awash with CMS tools, and it should not be difficult to find one that coordinates with your delivery and storage needs.

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