Ask the Board – August 22, 2016 | PAUL FLEURANGES


What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and it is certainly a factor in any software purchase, but price shouldn’t be the sole criteria you rely on in making a CMS purchase. The most important criteria you should use when considering a CMS solution is whether it meets your current and future needs. All of the big CMS providers, and there are about 40 of them, offer basically the same suite of options.  All the major CMS platforms offer intuitive user interfaces with bells and whistles that will make your head spin.  The question you have to ask yourself is whether the basic system handles your needs. If you are an ad supported network, you need to ensure you can post and schedule your content and ads efficiently from the office or from home if need be. If you are non-ad supported, your needs likely center around content management and content creation. Does the platform allow you to easily update creative and change it if required? How easy is it to schedule content by location and by screen? Knowing what features are core to your business needs is key when looking at a CMS.

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