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What are some of the best ways to make use of facial recognition?

There are many use-cases for facial recognition in the advertising space, but many other examples of how the technology can be of use in other applications. We’re all aware of advertising triggers based on facial recognition. When standing in front of an advertising screen, facial recognition technology could identify the race, gender, age and height of the individual standing before it and display relevant ads. Or another example would be having a camera identify the gender and age make-up of those in a room in hopes of delivering relevant content to the room profile. In terms of retail, recognizing an individual as a repeat shopper when they enter a store and customizing the shopping experience based on previous purchase history helps personalize the shopping experience.

However, facial recognition can also be used in security systems by replacing passwords with facial recognition, or deploying cameras to run scans in high pedestrian locations to match wanted criminals. Dating sites can use the technology to help users find a mate on a dating site by doing facial recognition similarity matching. For fun, my favorite is the Face Swap app!

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