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What are some of the best ways to make use of facial recognition?

Most experts in facial recognition and OOH feel that eye-tracking and facial recognition are critical to the industry’s movement towards better measurement. The thought is that camera technology can “prove” that OOH network audiences are viewing the content/ advertising. While it’s true that this technology can further enhance the reporting on engagement, the true benefits of facial recognition are the learnings that can improve “how” a network delivers content, not “how many” it delivers to.

Here are five simple use cases for facial recognition:

  1. DEMOGRAPHIC RESPONSE – video content is triggered based on age and gender of audience.
  1. EMOTIONAL RESPONSE – video content is triggered based on the real-time emotions of the audience.
  1. APPEARANCE RESPONSE – video content is triggered by the attire or general appearance of the audience (i.e. eyeglasses, beards).
  1. GESTURE RESPONSE – video is triggered or altered based on facial/body gestures of the audience.
  1. CREATIVE TESTING – data is collected on the facial expressions/biometrics of the audience during the ad /content playing.

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