Ask the Board – August 22, 2016 | WAYNE ROREX


What are the criteria for picking a CMS amongst the myriad of options out there?

The criteria for selecting a Content Management System are pretty simple, but finding the solution is much harder. The four criteria that I feel are important have to be within reach of our tight budget:

1st. The Dashboard must be easy to use and yet versatile enough to control each sign individually or all of the signs at once if needed. It must also be able to work with legacy hardware as we do not retire anything.

2nd. Good security is a must. Not everyone out there has good intentions, and I don’t want any message going on our signs that we did not place there.

3rd. Vendor Support. If I have a problem, and I will, I expect someone on the other end of that call to know the software better than anybody. I don’t want to wait hours for a return call or have to submit the problem through an electronic “help” ticket that will have us going back and forth in 30 messages just to identify the problem.

4th. Automatic Software Updates. This should be easy, and I also expect to be notified of features that are unique to the updated version.


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