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What elements do you find missing from digital signage advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage that, if recognized, would improve the quality of that content immensely?”

Digital signage advertising has certainly advanced over the past few years with more and more campaigns using contextual messaging and even incorporating data-driven dynamic content which has been proven to drive engagement rates by double-digits across a myriad of brand categories.* While there is marked improvement to this form of advertising, there are still too many repurposed television spots that are intended for a stationary audience. 

Because digital signage is, in many instances, an at-a-glance medium shown to a moving audience in a number of out-of-home venues, advertising should be crafted in a way that can capture the attention of the on-the-go consumer. Often, the combination of both static and video assets will work to keep viewers engaged, as well as informed, by using an ever-present brand logo and call-to-action message.

Digital place-based networks such as Adspace and Captivate were early adopters and evangelists of leveraging combined creative assets and have also championed the shorter, 15-second spot, moving advertisers away from traditional television adverts to advertising that is geared toward the behavior and limited dwell time of the audience. 

* Source: Celtra, Vertical Specific, Quarterly Report, Q4 2016

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