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What elements do you find missing from digital signage advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage that, if recognized, would improve the quality of that content immensely?”

Smarter dynamic, contextual, actionable content.

  • Along with gathering data from your signage location(s), leverage the intelligence you’re gathering from your other channels to build a smarter profile of your audience. Then use that information to create a program that communicates the appropriate story at the appropriate location and time of day.
  • One size doesn’t fit all, and you’ll want to create a content package that can scale and adapt to different situations and programs.
  • Location, location, location … and time. Where is your message being displayed and at what time of day? Potential target audiences will not react the same way to content at all locations and all times of day. The complexity of the message depending on dwell time also differs at each location.
  • There is so much content in market that is just a cookie cutter copy of other static campaign assets. With digital signage, you have a much more powerful tool at your disposal. If you employ the previous three components, now you can also engage your audience in a relevant, timely way that doesn’t just blast a message, but encourages participation. Relevant CTAs, live social media integration, and the like can drive a measurable ROI for your program and lead to more creative solutions.

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