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What elements do you find missing from digital signage advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage that, if recognized, would improve the quality of that content immensely?”

I just returned from a trip in Southern France, and I couldn’t help observing the absence of digital signage in most of these cute medieval villages. As I walked through several narrow streets, I noticed the obvious—that location is key for retail outlets. However, visitors preferred to hang out next to shops with the most attractive displays in a not-so-subtle acknowledgement that presentation comes second after location in terms of importance.

I do believe you can draw a parallel with digital signage. Generally speaking, intriguing content has the potential to overrule some shortcomings of the delivery channel, which may manifest in dated hardware (low resolution, poor performance, and less-than-ideal aesthetics). Of course, this is true up to a certain degree. Take, for example, a cool interactive game. As a user, I may tolerate a slow refresh or not-so-great responsiveness to my touch commands. But if performance gets too much in the way of the game functionality, I may just abandon the experience. 

User’s sophistication level will also play a role in this equation. Again, I may get satisfaction by watching a good story played through a low-resolution video. Or I could dismiss the same story as ‘not good enough’ just because my eyes are trained to appreciate only HD content.

Placement is different. It’s like SEO for web sites. If I can’t see the content (good or bad), it’ll not exist as far as I know. Without visibility, any intriguing content will not find an audience, and the argument of new vs. dated hardware will be irrelevant. 

In summary, there is no substitute for good placement and good content. If I had to compromise on something, I’d lean towards cutting on hardware upgrades and prioritize on the other two.

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