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What elements do you find missing from digital signage advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage that, if recognized, would improve the quality of that content immensely?”

It all comes down to the simple idea of a proper call to action. Signage is normally thought of as either 1) a brand building billboard, or 2) an attraction tactic to lure people into a store through use of blazing, eye-catching motion graphics. These tactics have their place, but an opportunity is often missed to help the viewer understand what to do next.

I remember when websites first came out.  There was reluctance from Madison Avenue ad agencies to put so much as a URL in their ads as it might “clutter them up.” The truth was that the URL or call to action would, if it drove transactions effectively, pay for the whole ad campaign and deliver a proper ROI. We’ve come a long way since then of course, but digital signage is now in that shadow land of transition to a more actionable medium where there is reluctance to be more explicit about what we may want our customers to actually DO.

So, the answer is simple: Incorporate a call to action at intervals and tell the viewer what benefits they can get from acting as opposed to simply viewing. Also, be clear on how to do whatever you would like them to do (download an app, redeem a coupon, stop in a store for a free sample, etc.).

Making promotional and brand-building efforts “actionable” is the operative concept here.

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