Ask the Board – August 29, 2016 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


What is the most controversial issue in the digital signage industry right now and why?

4K and 8K resolution … Why? Interactivity … Is it touching the screen? What is the experience and does it matter? Should QSRs put digital menu boards in their drive-thru when the price is right? Will it help sell more stuff? When will external ‘media players’ become obsolete? What does the imminent industry consolidation look like? Is digital signage valuable and relevant? These are all issues and subjects that are bandied about, but whether or not they’re controversial, I can’t say. Every topic has its pundits. And every pundit has an agenda. Having been involved in digital signage since 1997, I’ve experienced a full spectrum of issues. Over these years, everything has changed yet nothing has changed. People are still challenged to understand the fiscal merits and benefits of implementing digital signage, and this challenge is further amplified in the digital mobile world in which we’re immersed. 

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