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What does the future of advertising look like in terms of using microsignage?

The deployment of microsignage, including mobile devices and tablets, is well underway in place-based venues such as retail and point of care. These types of ‘signs’ are providing deeper, hands-on experiences for consumers while providing brick and mortar as well as service-oriented businesses the opportunity to educate and engage their customers or patients with relevant, updated content.

According to Microsigns, telecom retailers are using their displays/platform(s) to educate and empower shoppers, and the results have been more than impressive, reporting engagement ratios soaring as high as 80 percent.  Same store sales have increased by as much as 30 percent, and margins have jumped as more informed, comfortable shoppers buy up on products and plans.

Advertising on these displays is providing premium hyper-targeting to marketers, allowing them to serve relevant adverts to a ‘qualified’ audience, minimizing waste while increasing engagement.  With microsignage, the Medium is the Message, and it’s made its way into the users’ hands, thus advertising should provide value to the consumer, providing content and information to remain consistent with the experience.  These micro displays will also allow advertisers to hone and collect data as click-through rates and time spent with device can be easily captured, which helps to quantify the value of the medium and put KPIs in place to measure campaign success.

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