Ask the Board – August 29, 2016 | JONATHAN BRAWN


What is the most controversial issue in the digital signage industry right now and why?

Right now, I’m not sure about massively controversial, but here is my take: One of the issues I think may be somewhat controversial now, but will probably become more controversial in the future (and possibly sooner than many of us would like!) is the idea of relevance in the face of mobile devices. Already, I see people walking through an environment using their smartphones. They walk by a digital sign, quickly glance at it and then disregard it to go back to their phone. Sure, sometimes when something like a menu is the application, that can demand attention, but more often than not, I find myself grabbing the menu on my phone so I can retreat to a quieter spot to make a decision. I know that my personal experiences aren’t a huge sample size, but I am sure I am not unique. Of course, we are trying to integrate mobile into digital signage using beacons and apps, but since that still requires effort on the part of the user, adoption will be tough and people just seem to be drawn to the screen in their pocket (or hand) rather than the one they walk past.

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