Ask the Board – August 7, 2017 | IAN DALLIMORE


What still needs to happen, either conceptually or technologically, for touch interactivity to reach its full potential?”

I believe the technology is here today for the interactive touchscreens. The bigger issue we often run into is that the out-of-home space is more geared around how we keep these screens protected without taking away from the integrity of look of the screen. This is not only protection from weather and the elements but also from daily use and from vandalism of these types of screens. Once we have found the right shell or encasing, we then run into in my world (the content and the experience). One of the biggest fails on the advertising side is when a brand either doesn’t understand the technology or just provides a bad user experience. I’ve personally experienced so many bad UX that I find myself not wanting to engage in the touchscreen experience. The thought on the interactive and creative side needs to focus heavily on what the consumer walks away with by interacting with the screen while they have a much smarter screen in their pocket. 


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