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How is your company addressing or circumventing smartphone obsession?

I guess you could say that we are a bit obsessed too! 

Mobile is transitioning consumers from OOH VIEWERS into OOH USERSThrough a swath of technologies such as beacons, geo-fencing, QR codes and NFC, the way that consumers fundamentally interact with the out-of-home medium is changing. 

Considering the latest trends and research around consumer mobile behavior, we realize that mobile is becoming an ever-present part of the out-of-home journey. Time spent with mobile has outpaced time spent on desktop computers.  More than half (51 percent) of online traffic originated from a mobile device and video viewership on mobile continues to climb.1 While desktops still dominate online sales for conversion, consumers use mobile devices while they are shopping in stores to search for product information or seek out discounts and incentives.

What’s more, OOH media is more effective in reaching consumers in the hour before various  mobile behaviors ensue including search, shopping and social or brand-related social activity according to a study commissioned by the OAAA and conducted by Reality Mine.  In fact, OOH reaches consumers an astounding 43 percent of the time before any mobile shopping activity occurs.

Mobile integration enhances OOH’s value proposition by offering location-specific mobile downloads, premium content, m-coupons and user engagement that extends from device to screen or vice versa.  But, OOH is not the only one making gains … mobile click-through rates (CTR) rise an estimated 56 percent above industry average when pairing mobile with OOH.2

While providing for greater consumer engagement on the front end, integrating mobile with the OOH medium enables marketers to glean greater insights and augment data and quantifiable analytics by capturing day, date & time, number of engagements and more on the backend. 

To that end, we are evangelizing the marriage of mobile and OOH among our clients and agency and guiding the integration of mobile where it presents the most value to our campaigns.

1Conversion Rates

2 Blue Bite

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