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How is your company addressing or circumventing smartphone obsession?

We hear these types of questions around conferences and show floors. Respectfully, we feel like these kinds of questions can be very distracting.

No one can argue that the smartphone trend is not a major economic and sociological influence. However, it is only one of many trends. The danger is that businesses often spend too much effort trying to react to trends and trying to make their business ‘fit’ around them instead of making the business stand with its’ own integrity and momentum.

Because the industries and verticals we service are so diverse, there is not one stock answer for the ‘right way’ to respond to a particular trend. For example, if your demographic audience were to begin a trend of wearing bright yellow ties, then it would be relevant to have subjects in your content program to wear yellow ties. But if your audience is not part of that trend, it would not be relevant. Likewise, digital displays are best when they are relevant. 

So a more appropriate question might be: “After we establish our true brand message and direction, what current trends (including smartphones) might fit naturally into that strategy?” Asking the question this way requires that you know the particular message and then target your audience. 

These are basic tenets for good communication.

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