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How is your company addressing or circumventing smartphone obsession?

At Razorfish, we are augmenting customers’ obsession with data, personalization, mobility and immersive experiences by supporting the emerging technologies that we believe will have the power to disrupt the millions of heads-down users and awaken them to a new, yet familiar and connected world—an environment filled with content and context, yet delivered in a form-factor that is near clairvoyant and extremely immersive.

We understand that mobility, wearables and future cognitive “devices” are at a state of evolution that will soon challenge the bounded content we are used to experiencing. From natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to the mixed realities that are augmenting our future world, these formerly unfathomable experiences will change more than our obsession over a device. They will change the way we relate to the world around us.

As we cater to our present day, mobile-first world, remember that the moments that often shine the brightest are when we deliver creativity outside “the black (or white, or gold) box.” Obsession is not biased to a device. It lives within the content and community inside of it. If you create environments and moments that harness these, you will succeed in keeping their eyes up and their hands out of their pockets.

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