ASK THE BOARD: Your Best Work

What, in your opinion, is the single most effective addition to your digital signage network since it launched and why?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jennifer Arani

“Working with corporate digital signage, we are always looking for engagement opportunities and the most valuable would be Rewards and Recognition. Who doesn’t like seeing their name in lights? Rewards and Recognition is one of the three major pillars of our digital signage content as it…”
Digital Signage Coordinator – Farmers Insurance Group

Read the Answer by Scott Bell

“The most effective addition to our digital signage network was utilizing the RS232 capabilities of our equipment and software. With an ad-supported network that is generally left to fend for itself, we were finding it challenging to make sure our monitors were turned on…”
CEO – Bell Media

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“The most effective addition to my digital signage network has been the introduction of IPTV. With limited resources, specifically personnel along with the cost for break/fix to maintain 200+ PC-based displays, the introduction of IPTV has allowed my team to manage our existing network more easily.”
Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Ian Dallimore

“Over the past 12+ years since we rolled out our first large-format digital bulletin screen, we’ve added some extremely strong additions, but in my opinion, it’s mobile. Over the past two and a half years, we have found that click-through rates rise 56 percent above…”
Director, Digital Innovation & Sales Strategy – Lamar Advertising Company

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“When we first began installing digital signage on our hospital campus, we opted for a standard approach. For example, in patient/family areas, we equipped elevator bays with a wayfinding digital sign and a digital sign dedicated to hospital messaging (parking information, announcements, hand hygiene, etc.).”
Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“The best investment that the Georgia World Congress Center Authority made to its digital signage network over the years was external billboards, no question. We added one 36-foot by 10.5-foot digital billboard more than six years ago, and the occupancy of that unit more than…”
Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development – Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Margit Kittridge

“The most effective addition to our digital signage network is the use of automated ad serving/device management platforms that streamline dynamic content development while delivering granular campaign analytics and reporting at the same time. The future of digital out-of-home requires more advanced advertising campaign management…”
Vice President, Digital Director – Intersection

Read the Answer by Scott Marden

“The single most effective addition to Captivate since the company launched was the addition of a sales team focused on selling Captivate to property owners and managers. Digital signage distribution can be difficult, and many operators provide their signage to venues, real estate owners and retailers for free.”
Chief Marketing Officer – Captivate

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