ASK THE BOARD: Content on a Budget

How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“That’s always the trick! It’s helpful to start with any marketing or messaging already created for other channels — print, online, etc. — and see what can be leveraged for the digital screen (or modified slightly, in many cases).”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Doug Anderson

“APIs, APIs, APIs. (Application Program Interface) Here at Metro, we are big on dynamic content. We routinely access our bus arrival predictions via an API into our provider’s site and update the displays once per minute.”
Senior Director – Digital Strategy and Innovation
LA Metro Transit

Read the Answer by Jesse Breidinger

“End users don’t have to break the bank to have compelling content for their digital signage solutions. In the foodservice industry, one great way to get high-quality, effective content at low cost is partnering with their vendor partners.”
Senior Customer Marketing Manager – The Coca-Cola Company

Read the Answer by Algernon Callier

“Pro-actively leverage the creative production you are probably already doing for general marketing and consumer communications content. For example, if you’re producing graphic or video advertising content…”
VP | Strategic Innovation & Emerging Technology
Universal Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“Creating different and compelling content for various networks can be a time consuming and sometimes costly process. What we do at my company is start with a standard template—one that shows corporate news that all locations can relate to.”
Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Lawrence Chang

“Content is one of the biggest challenges for any digital network. Content becomes stale and is then ignored all too often. To ensure the intended audience is receiving the message, constant change is required.”
Director, IT – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Read the Answer by Dominic DeSieno

“I don’t think there is a single way to create budget-friendly content. There are many different methods and approaches to do this. The one that I’ve seen work the best is to simply be organized and to avoid last-minute changes.”
Digital Signage Technical Lead, Corporate Video Services Team
Wells Fargo

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“Templates go a long way when it comes to creating content. The ease of creating a polished message with a template can’t be beat when it comes to end users with little time and lots of content requests.”
Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Michael Dwyer

“Content does not have to be expensive. There are a few ways to produce content quickly and efficiently…”
Senior Marketing Manager, Digital – Subway

Read the Answer by Adam Feldman

“The key to a cost-effective creative team that can satisfy a variety of end users is, ironically, spending money. If the money spent is on a key, experienced and networked individual to form the genesis of your team…”
Executive Director, Audio Visual Systems and Digital Media Distribution – MGM Resorts International

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“Creating compelling content can be a challenge for private networks that don’t have in-house expertise or the budget to source creative from production houses or digital design firms. But, even these networks can benefit from…”
Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“I’ve found several content providers out there who offer some compelling content at a very reasonable price. These providers offer everything from daily news and weather updates to niche topics that are very easy to localize.”
Advertising Sales Manager of Products and Services
Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Joshua Goodwin

“As business communication continues to evolve, it’s imperative to find ways of not only creating engaging content, but to do it on a limited or almost non-existing budget. Internal communications is no longer just via email or phone call.”
Digital Media Specialist – Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Read the Answer by Spencer Graham

“In many private networks (or corporate networks), there are already professional designers on staff that are creating content for websites, print media, news and information media, video media, brochures, catalogs and magazines.”
Manager of Operations, Information Stations, Interactive Video, Network & Web ServicesWest Virginia University

Read the Answer by Gary Harris

“Content is always an issue for digital sign users. “Compelling” content is an even more challenging issue. Now let’s add cheap/free content that fits well into the context of your sign and your audience will be compelled.”
Digital Video Engineer – Notre Dame

Read the Answer by Jerry Harris

“There are several ways to develop a repository of content to pull from without breaking the bank. The best approach is to start with your business style guide(s) for consistency of brand.”
Senior Director, Exhibits Graphics & AV Services – Georgia Aquarium

Read the Answer by Thomas Kunka

“Digital signage content that is fresh and engaging is critical to the success of any digital signage network. However, creating and maintaining that content with a minimum of investment can be a significant challenge.”
Senior Application Specialist – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Read the Answer by Terry McFarland

“To create a wide range of useful content, three techniques immediately come to mind – templates, seasonal, and sharing…”
Manager, Disney Information Design & Experience
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Joseph McQueen

“As a retailer, we’re at an advantage of already creating “paper” content for our stores. We will translate some of this into digital content for our stores with digital assets. We’ve recently been working on…”
Senior Manager of Marketing Solutions
American Eagle Outfitters

Read the Answer by Rich Morris

“Ensure that the purpose of each screen is identified in advance and content is designed according to that purpose…”
Director, Hotel and Resort Operations Systems – Hilton Worldwide

Read the Answer by Michael Oram

“When it comes to wayfinding signage, we manage it ourselves, but it is mostly just the facts (i.e. flight or luggage info, directions to baggage claim, gates, transportation, etc.)…”
Airport Contract Specialist/MA II – McCarran International Airport

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“Developing and maintaining great content for your network is difficult, yet massively important. To keep costs down, consider leveraging your marketing or publicity department resources. Use their design or art department…”
Senior Content Publishing Manager – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Jim Riley

“A couple of ways that we look to highlight compelling content for our digital networks, while at the same time taking into consideration the limited resources of budget and time, is to repurpose and reformat existing content…”
Director of Marketing – Columbus Blue Jackets

Read the Answer by Wayne Rorex

“Working on a very limited budget and being a public entity, we utilize social media as much as possible to incorporate the latest trends into our messages. Keeping a message fresh is more imagination than investment.”
Management Analyst – City of Los Angeles

Read the Answer by David Saleme

“End users can create compelling and value-focused content in a variety of ways. Current generation content management software provides a great deal of flexibility in designing and developing individualized and dynamic layouts…”
Manager, Business Development – Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Read the Answer by Ralph Schorbach

“The need for a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank should be the “norm” for everyone. In today’s no-time and no-money situation, how can a system be in place that doesn’t meet one of the minimum requirements…”
IT Manager – Fairplex

Read the Answer by Jessica Stevens

“Spend time uncovering what the audience would be interested in seeing. You don’t need to have flashy content to have good content. The best content is relevant to the majority.”
Senior IT Deployment & DS Capability Manager – Best Buy

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