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What is the “perfect” breakdown between content and ads on your network and why?”

This is a question we frequently hear when speaking with clients, and there is really no “perfect” answer. The frequency of content items, be it ads or information, is based on the host location. The breakdown is related to the dwell time and amount of customers at a particular venue.

In a waiting environment, the breakdown will relate directly to the dwell time. So ad frequency will vary for a location with a five-minute wait versus one with a 30-minute wait.  There is the potential for an upsell for clients requesting more frequency as well.  We make sure each ad runs during a typical customer’s visit to a location.  Obviously, you will need more informational content to keep people engaged in a health club, and the typical visitor will be exposed to the ads more.  But in a medical facility, where a person’s dwell time is 10 minutes, one exposure is our goal.

For a network that is strictly ad supported, the bottom line is the ads have to work.  When pursuing a new network, it’s key to remain flexible with your content because, as nice as it may look, the network will die if the ads are not seen.

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