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What is the “perfect” breakdown between content and ads on your network and why?”

Marketers have seen the importance of providing valuable content everywhere within the digital ecosystem.  Digital place-based networks like Intersection’s interactive transit kiosks at transit stations deliver long dwell time where content on digital screens can truly enhance riders’ experiences.

So what kind of content is valuable for today’s on-the-go consumers outside their homes where they spend an estimated 70 percent of their time on a daily basis?  Doing your due diligence to gather rider and viewer feedback to build a content strategy is important. 

While there is no magic number for the breakdown between content and ads, the type of content and complexity of messages should be decided based on dwell time and location of the digital screens (e.g. Intersection’s transit network in Chicago provides real-time train arrival information to riders waiting for their trains, which gives them a great reason to look at these digital screens during their commute. Since dwell time on platforms at transit stations is longer than some other locations, showing other content like sports scores or news are also welcome by train riders).

If you have good content, then your advertising is more effective as people pay attention to the screens and can recall the ads. Recalling the ads will ultimately drive actions and consumer engagement. According to various rider surveys, nearly 50 percent of viewers who recalled seeing ads on Intersection’s digital transit screens took actions ranging from visiting the advertised brand’s website for more information to purchasing the advertised product or brand. 

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