Ask the Board – December 11, 2017 | PAUL FLEURANGES


What is the “perfect” breakdown between content and ads on your network and why?”

The best feature of an ad-supported digital signage network is the advertising and the revenue it generates. The worst feature of an ad supported network? The ads. Yes, I know, this sounds schizophrenic.  But the fact is, in order to generate significant revenue, the share of voice has to tilt toward the advertisers. If you produce your own content, or run content you’ve purchased, it means your share of voice is going to be smaller, which impacts your ability to message to your customers. At the moment, our network is 80 percent ads and 20 percent content. It is our opinion that the current ratio leads to less utilization of the interactive features of the kiosks. In my mind, the perfect breakdown between ads and content on our On The Go Network would be 70 percent content and 30 percent ads. 


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