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What is the “perfect” breakdown between content and ads on your network and why?”

Captivate’s content in the elevator is meant to be consumed in 15-second intervals with the average viewer watching four screens per ride. Since our audience of business professionals is so valuable and the dwell time so short, running both ads and content simultaneously is really the only way to go. By doing so, you’re engaging the viewer with news and information while providing the advertiser with a captive audience. Research indicates that our viewers are reading both the content and the ad within the 15 seconds of exposure, so it’s a win-win for both the viewer and the advertiser.

In select cases, approximately 20 percent of the time, advertisers are allowed to purchase full-screen ads that remove the content for 15 seconds. On the flip side, we use excess ad inventory to play full-screen content, which includes viewer-generated photos, plays of the week and more. Excess inventory varies by building, but for this argument, let’s say 20 percent of it is unsold. So, the resulting breakdown is, 80 percent of the time, there is content on the screen and 80 percent of the time, there is advertising on the screen. 60 percent of the time, they play together, and 20 percent of the time, each plays by itself (as full screen). It’s not “perfect,” but this formula has resulted in likability scores of well over 90 percent and ad recall scores well over 50 percent.


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