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Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

If impact can be defined as the ability to command the attention of your target audience at scale, and engage it long enough to meaningfully convey a brand message or impression:

  • I would say generally speaking yes, size helps impact… but not proportionally in all situations.
  • For example, imagine being in Times Square in New York City. The larger digital signs definitely command more immediate attention than the smaller signs at a glance. However, the creative message and visual design of the digital creative also has a lot to do with commanding attention, holding it and conveying a brand message or impression. It’s not necessarily the largest digital signs that accomplish this.
  • In a perhaps more normalized environment than Times Square, another factor is the degree of interactive engagement the digital signage beckons. Does it compel the audience to physically approach and interact with the display? Or mobile interaction?  These kinds of active calls to action and expression can also make a difference in the overall impact. Size certainly can help, but creative utilization of the digital medium, dynamics of the location and immediate relevance and resonance to the needs and interests of your target audience while in the vicinity of the signage is also important.
  • It’s more a question of how Digital Signage fits into the Communication Architecture of the Brand Marketing Plan, all of the above factors considered.  And how the role (and cost) of Digital Signage fits in to deliver brand objectives.  Size can certainly be important and necessary, but not the only consideration. Impact doesn’t always scale proportionately to size.  

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