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Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

The impact of a large-format display is not proportionate to its size, but having a larger format is nice and does help. The impact of a display is a result of the effectiveness of the messaging. It all comes down to the content. I was just in Shibuya Square and downtown Toronto. Both locations have giant million-dollar screens going on with hi-impact ads including H&M, Samsung, Apple, etc. People were staring at them and taking photos, and the screen size was impressive, BUT the ads were clever, fun and next level. People stopped to watch them.

Conversely, I was at new Terminal 3 in the Toronto Airport, and there were 55-inch and 60-inch panels and big video walls everywhere, BUT the content was boring, not vibrant and not put together very well. The impact was zero. People just walked by and didn’t notice. It was hard not to notice the giant video wall at every turn, but I could see it just looked like (and was) really bad ads. It looked like noise, and people would just look at their phone screens instead.

We’ve done some work with small screens and custom content and had great impact. So it’s really the content, but having a million-dollar screen with great content will work for you.

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