Ask the Board – December 12, 2016 | DOUG ANDERSON


Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

In most cases, I would say the answer is “Yes,” especially if used to grab the viewer’s attention. When used as a promotional tool, bigger is better. Smaller sizes are better used for providing more detailed information where the user is up close. Larger screens with the same resolution as smaller screens tend to be pixelated when standing close.

Nevertheless, there are times when even smaller screens flashing screen-sized graphics can be effective such as in elongated hallways or smaller venues. We use smaller screens inside of our buses but switch to large-format signage at all of our transit stations.

A case can still be made for more small screens for the dollar that fewer larger screens, but only in the case of extremely large signage, which still commands a price premium. The price difference for larger screens has been diminishing over the past two years.

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