Ask the Board – December 12, 2016 | JOEL ALLARD


Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

Yes, with some important caveats. Placement and content are also a big part of that impact. Obviously, the bigger a sign is, the more likely people are to notice it. Whether you call it a “shiny object” or just the way we are conditioned to look at signs and screens, bigger is often better.

But if it’s too large to fit into a space, or it’s blocking something (or in people’s way!), the impact may actually be negative. Also, if the messaging or content on the large sign isn’t relevant or useful, then the impact is going to be minimal (or worse than not having a digital sign at all).

Some great examples of “bigger is better” are Times Square in Manhattan, and the Las Vegas Strip. But would a full-wall digital sign be as impactful inside a typical convenience store, or clinic? Possibly, but probably not.

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