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Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

My quick answer is yes. The bigger and more eye-catching the display, the greater the impact it has and the attention it receives. However, here are two additional strong points that can dramatically change that answer…

  1. Space. A digital signage installation’s impact is relative to the space it’s in. Think of a billboard. They can be easy to ignore in a crowded urban landscape, but they can smack you in the face when there is nothing else to look at while you are driving on the highway. Another example is the presence of digital signage up and down the Vegas strip or in the middle of Times Square. With so much visual pollution, the digital signs assault your eyes, and individual installations aren’t hardly noticed until you are on-top of the display. So, for the most part, yes, bigger is better, but the built environment will certainly play a role in determining the full impact. After all, small signs can be just as impactful. Elevator signs or restroom signs are incredibly effective at eye level when there aren’t competing interest points. 
  1. Content. No matter the size of the digital display, the impact is significantly determined by the quality of the content as well. If it’s a massive, multi-story outdoor display but the content is bland and lacking in motion, scale or intrigue, then size doesn’t matter. In fact, you can certainly argue that content is more important than size. Good content on an Apple watch can easily be more impactful than a billboard. Digital signage installations that were not thoughtfully positioned and aren’t very large and eye-catching can still have an impact when viewers zero in on robust content and follow through on the call to action.

So my final answer is – sometimes. It all depends on the relationship to the space it’s in and the content it’s displaying.

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