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Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?

As we move through to the holiday seasons, the topic of digital signage can play a role, especially when related to size. In general, I believe that the impact of large-format digital signage is proportionate to its size. A large-format digital sign is typically used in two ways: 1) Viewability from a distance and 2) to make local/close proximity impact or WOW factor.  At Fairplex, for example, we have a large digital board along the freeway used to send messages to passersby.  From a distance of a quarter mile and closer, you can easily see and read the messages like any other display without realizing the magnitude of it.  When I’ve worked in the sign, it seems a whole LOT bigger, to the tune of 88 feet high by 34 feet wide, and the LED screen is still 20 feet x 32 feet in size. Another great example is horse racing.  When watching, you see the infield odds board.  It looks very readable across the track, but up close, the boards are typically about 12 feet tall and 160 feet long.  Even at concerts, there are large-format displays at many shows behind and around the band, which are LED or video walls. In closer proximity range, walking through a mall, you see the large video walls and how can they NOT grab your attention? Even further into the other end of the spectrum is one of our video walls that is 16 feet by 9 feet and used in the restaurant.  When you walk in and see the 40+ 70-inch or larger screens, and then that massive video wall, your eye is just drawn to it.

These are several examples of boards that are large and impactful.  The future is going to get tougher and more challenging, with everyone going bigger, brighter and better, and as we are getting more de-sensitized to the many stimuli that surrounds us.  Only the future will tell, but for now, bigger is better.

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