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Is there a future for the AV integrator in digital signage, or will most if not all digital signage deployments eventually become IT projects? Why or why not?”

Like most everything in life, “you don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for,” and the answer to the future of the AV integrator in digital signage is captured in this statement. Professional AV integrators have been and will continue to be the most naturally qualified team of professionals to provide digital signage solutions, but as an industry, this group has performed well below capability and expectations. There can be many excuses, but few real reasons.  

Most AV integration salespeople walk right by digital signage opportunities every single day and make no effort to embrace the opportunity. When you ask, the common response is, “I don’t know enough about digital signage to really talk about it or sell it.” They know that digital signage has some components that they are not familiar with, like content creation, but they find it easier to just continue selling what they have sold for years. IT, security and traditional signage companies have often embraced this dynamic growth market and have become the source for my digital signage projects. So to the few of us who have embraced digital signage for the great profitable sales opportunity that it is, we will continue to play a role in the provision of digital signage solutions.  



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