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Is there a future for the AV integrator in digital signage, or will most if not all digital signage deployments eventually become IT projects? Why or why not?”

I have found that the customer’s IT department, in most cases, does not want to take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining a digital signage roll-out. Major factors that impact that decision include:

  • Addressing potential media player issues,
  • Concern about network security,
  • Technical problems with the displays,
  • Dealing with software related issues on the digital signage CMS, etc.

All of these things can be very time consuming for IT and affect their existing support model. For an in-house IT deployment of digital signage, the right solution must be researched from scratch; the winning solution integrated on their network and supported internally. This approach would be a huge undertaking and can be costly.

However, digital signage is a perfect fit for the AV integrator. Typically, the AV integrator works with several partners that can deliver digital signage. The partner and integrator have more success working together to deliver solutions for their customers, and it is the perfect symbiotic business relationship. The AV integrator and partners essentially have an ecosystem that delivers all the integration and support with little involvement or adoption from IT. This all points to a positive future for the AV integrator. 

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