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What separates functional digital signage from a digital signage “experience?”

As our fast-past world is continually exposed to digital signage, we have the same phenomena that the medical industry has going on with antibiotics. Simply stated, just like some bacteria has grown immune to the effectiveness of certain antibiotics, so have many people grown blind to some of our current digital signage. Today, to get a return on investment (ROI) or return on objective (ROO), our digital signage has to be more than functional to have impact and influence.

Today, many organizations have indeed recognized and embraced the need/necessity to make their digital signage functional by focusing on the right content at the right time. But, just like some antibiotics that have been over prescribed for certain bacterial infections and now no longer have the desired and needed impact to kill or render harmless the bacteria, we are now in an age where you can have functional digital signage, and it simply is being ignored. (Functional digital signage being defined as meeting all the digital signage ecosystem requirements.) Today, especially the Millennials and the Gen X generations are demanding more engagement in everything in which they invest their time, and that includes looking at or embracing digital signage. (Just think about the gaming industry and how they encourage loyalty to their products.)

While a person could write an article that would fill an entire publication on what is an effective digital signage experience, suffice it to say it is all about engaging people through content and using the latest technology to bring an immersive experience to the viewer, producing an emotional response. We simply have to do it better to be effective and produce the best ROI and ROO. So, as we go forward, digital signage has to up its game, and embrace new interactive technology that will make our digital signage “Sticky.” (Sticky defined as digital signage that makes you look for more and encourages you, the viewer, to go deeper with the content by embracing the organization’s other messaging. Messaging like social media and micro web page sites.) Experienced digital signage AV integrators are often your best resource to find these new technologies that can raise your digital signage from functional to an “emotional experience.” When digital signage can tap into our viewers’ emotions, it will make a difference.   

In summary, just like medicine, if we quit looking for better ways to overcome challenges of tolerance, our functional digital signage will become little more that visual noise to the people we are trying to reach.. 

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