Ask the Board – December 4, 2017 | JERRY HARRIS


Why do you think digital signage is used so much more in Europe, Asia and Australia versus other regions of the world?”

The reason why I believe that digital signage is used so much in other regions of the world versus the U.S. is based on a couple of factors:

  1. Most countries that have new infrastructure (network) are more inclined to embrace all facets of technology, digital signage being one of them. As our global economy grows, and the bridge to information expands, so does the speed at which we receive and deploy information. Whether it is through smart devices or public venues that want to communicate to the masses, digital signage provides a platform for delivering your message.
  2. The other factor is that the United States is one of the leaders in the industry not far behind the Asian, technology driven, countries. In order to compete for that global advertising dollar, other developing countries must adopt the way it is done here in the states and around the globe.

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