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Why do you think digital signage is used so much more in Europe, Asia and Australia versus other regions of the world?”

The ResearchandMarkets report Global Digital Signage Market – Forecasts and Trends (2016-2021) from November 2016, noted, “North America dominated the Global Digital Signage Market, and this trend is expected to continue till 2020, with the U.S. occupying the major market share. Asia Pacific and Europe are also considered as promising markets, with Germany and the U.K. in Europe, and Japan and South Korea in APAC expected to have the highest rate of growth.”

When it comes to digital signage, the burgeoning retail industry in some regions is driving adoption of the latest technologies and applications. This would support the notion of increased digital signage use in, for example, some European countries as well as Japan and South Korea.

Another piece of the answer is cultural, related to customer expectations for a digital shopping experience and how much technology consumers are willing to accept. In my experience, people in Western European and APAC countries were quicker to adopt cellphone technology, and the same may well be true for digital signage.

In many parts of Africa and South America, overall technology use lags behind the more developed parts of the world. Brazil would be a major exception in South America, with a significant interest in digital signage deployments in that continent’s largest country. On the other side of the “digital divide,” if there is no Internet access in homes and schools, the adoption of digital signage in businesses is much more of a reach.

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