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What is the sequence of events that needs to take place for one screen to become a functional network?

Often, the perception of launching a digital network is that it’s easy to do.  We see this with small companies so often. The rollout of new screens within an existing network still takes a great deal of effort. The success of a digital network’s most important step is the initial set-up. These five simple steps will help ensure a successful deployment and that ad dollars roll in shortly thereafter:

  1. Select a software control system that allows custom scheduling of the display. Relying on the manufacturer’s software is only valid if you intend to stay with the same digital display provider for 100 percent of all future displays.
  2. Select a player controller that will operate the software and is compatible with the configuration of the display face (i.e. 2×3 LCD array, 10-millimeter LED display, etc.)
  3. Contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISL) for communication to the display (i.e., DSL, Satellite, or wireless are best options. Hard wire communications is only an option if it’s a single display that is controlled at the site.)
  4. Hire a competent technician to activate the modem, establish the Internet connection and confirm the software control is working for the display size.
  5. Learn how to operate the creative and scheduling features of the software.

And just like that, you are live!

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