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What is the sequence of events that needs to take place for one screen to become a functional network?

Build Valuable Messaging

Beyond having a screen, you must offer a valuable message. Most likely, you’ve identified a single situation where a message matches a necessary audience. Finding one situation is easy; finding many locations/situations is more difficult to uncover. Identifying a valuable message that can translate across multiple locations, either geographically or otherwise, is the first step.

Identifying the Audience

Describe the audience in detail. Questions to answer: Who would benefit from this type of messaging, and what is on their mind at the time? Does that vary greatly between different locations? Does the audience change between different locations/regions? Are they engaged with your screen, or are there distractions competing for their attention?

Revenue Opportunity

A network takes quite a bit of resources; what is your revenue model? Working in ads or charging a subscription from your locations is critical to both the value of your product/service and the audience you’re serving. If you already own the locations, this may not be a concern.

Installation Consistency

Install screens with well-defined principles taken into account such as specific locations that are highly visible/audible for the audience, have large dwell times, high traffic and directly impact decision making.

Centralize Control

Utilizing a digital signage content distribution technology, leverage similarities in locations to allow you to scale. Content should be personalized to each location, but instead of curating one-by-one, establish rules of content/ad distribution and recognize common needs to lessen the work needed to update an entire network of screens.


The most difficult part of building a network is keeping it online with all the moving pieces and ways it can go wrong. Having a plan to monitor and service your devices and screens is the final component to consider in building a truly successful network.

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