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What is the sequence of events that needs to take place for one screen to become a functional network?

  1. Plan (e.g. how will the guest experience be better as a result of an intelligent, functional network of screens?  Will we know when and where they will pass each screen on their journey?  What data will inform the display methodology?)
  2. Build a Server App – You need an application that can dynamically display content to an individual, specific screen and receive feedback. (e.g. IP address, computer name, client listener object, data collection from potential sensors)
  3. Set up Data collection – You’ll need to gather data to understand guest, sensor and/or timing relationships (e.g. is each screen capable of reacting to an individual?  Are time studies going to be needed to predict when a guest will follow one screen to the next?  Are different screens for different audiences?  How does the collected data upon implementation align with business results and product placement optimization?)
  4. Implement – make sure the bi-directional information between the server and client are flowing and observe the effects
  5. Adjust (e.g. does anything need to be optimized?  Are their lifts in business performance/chatter?  Are the screens up and running?  Are guests passing them in unexpected patterns? etc.)
  6. Evolve (e.g. does the app need to be smarter to make more real-time decisions about what content to display and when?  How is it related to the network of information?  Are we ready for BIG DATA?)

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