ASK THE BOARD: Digital Signage & The Great Outdoors

In your opinion, what is the most lucrative aspect of outdoor digital signage?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“Digital OOH has increased rapidly in recent years, and rightfully so. Panels have become much better, but what’s probably more important is the fierce price competition that has driven down prices to make digital screens an obvious choice for OOH locations.”
SVP, group Director of DOOH – Posterscope USA

Read the Answer by Margit Kittridge

“Outdoor digital signage is growing in popularity due to its enhanced capabilities compared to traditional static billboards. In the age of data and technology, digital screens are becoming increasingly relevant to connect with on-the-go consumers.”
Vice President, Digital Director – Intersection

Read the Answer by Peter Rivera

“Infusion, the company where I lead digital strategy and design thinking, might be a little different from some other companies in this space, so therefore the answer might be a bit oblique compared to others.”
VP, Chief Experience Officer – Infusion

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“The exponential potential of digital OOH will be realized by brands and operators when they stop treating it like OOH and make it behave more like digital media. Sure, the capacity of digital OOH hardware has created premiums in spots…”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer – Billups

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