ASK THE BOARD: Why DSE is a Must-Attend Event

What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by John Bailey

“DSE is a great opportunity to engage with people and form stronger partnerships with customers and partners. I attend a lot of industry trade shows, and the ability to connect with people is a real strength of DSE in particular.”
Vice President of Technology – Whitlock

Read the Answer by TJ DiQuollo

“I have been attending DSE for several years now, and over that time, I have witnessed many changes. Not only have the show floor and attendance grown, but the technology and industry has matured in a very spectacular way.”
Director of Creative Services – Diversified

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“Here’s what I most value about my experience at DSE… It’s all about the people. I still believe people buy from people. Yes, I know that the world would like to force all of us…”
Director of Business Development
Dynamic Digital Signage Unified AV

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