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For an AV Integrator to be profitable in digital signage, there needs to be several key components in place. One of the most important elements to guarantee success is the importance of understanding your client’s needs and adjusting the approach to accommodate those needs. With that understanding, you can align a best-of-breed solution that closely matches the goals of your client and services to handle all aspects of the install as well as support the solution post-sale.

The AV Integrator can deliver on several levels, from hardware and software as well as services, essentially providing clients a turnkey solution. The strategy for being profitable starts with analyzing digital media vendors. What do they provide? How do they compare to others? Can the AV Integrator attach services with this vendor? How easy or complicated is it to support the solution? If the resources are there, you should train your support desk to adopt this solution to offer support and managed services.

Content design is another service that can create a revenue stream. This is a service that is overlooked by AV Integrators. When it comes to digital signage, content is king, so it makes perfect sense to make that a service offering. Clients will look to the AV Integrator for guidance on the content approach or design. You are their trusted advisor, and it makes perfect sense to cover all areas of digital signage.

Service offerings can cover many aspects of the solution — everything from providing equipment, warranty services, installation services, repair and replace services, tech support, CMS training and extended warranties. There are so many opportunities for revenue in this area. For example, training applies to the CMS selection as well as design theory for their digital signage installation. The client’s IT can also benefit from training from a troubleshooting standpoint. Several services and software and hardware maintenance can be an ongoing revenue stream as well.

Remember, the five things to have in place to ensure profitability as an AV Integrator are:

  1. Best-of-breed digital signage partner(s)
  2. Help desk support 
  3. Content creation services
  4. Ability to offer training services
  5. Ongoing maintenance and other services

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