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What are the top 5 things an AV Integrator must know to achieve profitability in digital signage?”

The most effective way for an AV Integrator to be profitable in digital signage is to know how to do the work effectively and correctly. Below are the top five areas of expertise that will ensure the work is done well and under budget.

  1. Discovery
    1. Doing proper discovery of the project is also paramount in order to quote the project. During the discovery phase, it is important to obtain all the requirements and challengers there are so that a system can be designed to meet the client’s objectives. Once those elements are captured, the engineering teams can do their job more easily.
  2. Quoting 
    1. The number-one thing to know to achieve profitability is to quote the hours of labor accurately. An integrator should know how much time each of their resources need to complete their task. Under quoting hours will quickly cut into the revenue of the project. 
  1. Engineering / Design
    1. Precise AV and IT engineering will ensure that all the components in the system will operate correctly upon install. This will minimalize surprises and keep the project integration moving smoothly. 
  1. Software strengths and weaknesses
    1. The software selection process can be difficult for some digital signage networks. Selecting the wrong software package can create more work and consume more hours during the implementation phase of the project. Selecting the correct software package will save time and effort during that phase since it will be able to effortlessly handle all of the creative requirements the client has for their network.  
  1. Project Management:   
    1. Knowing how to excel at project management is one of the most important skills any integrator can have. Proper project management is the foundation for keeping a project on schedule.


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