Ask the Board – February 13, 2017 | KENNETH BRINKMANN


Can you walk us through the steps for a creative brief and pitch for accounts that require multiscreen solutions?”

At Posterscope, we are trying to move towards a “format agnostic” way of working, meaning that we are putting audiences at the core of targeting and executing campaigns. This means that a lot of campaigns turn out to be multi-screen based.

From my perspective, the ideal scenario is for us to get involved as early as possible in the process with the creative agency, so we can spark creativity on best use of the canvas we have on the plan. Sadly, we often work a bit backwards on this, having to find formats that will accommodate a specific creative idea instead.

Ideally, clients should brief in media- and creative agencies at the same time, and make sure that the two cooperate to deliver best-in-class solutions. In turn, that will make creative agencies better equipped in understanding the unique strengths of the medium, and the wide variety of possibilities that the various screen formats have to offer. And the planning side will adapt to learning more about the creative process and can feed into this in the best way possible.

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