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What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

Freshwater has been attending and showcasing our company at DSE for the last seven years. Our team spends months planning for this event, as it is valuable time spent with our vendors, our partners and our clients. DSE is a great networking event, but even more so for us, it is an opportunity to spend time with the people we have done business with since Freshwater began operating in 2010. Time on the showroom floor, at dinners and at sponsored events help deepen those partnerships and help grow our business. 

The exhibit hall is always packed with new technology and an opportunity to bring new ideas home to clients. Clients who are unable to attend always look forward to our reports and are ready to test technologies that are not yet mainstream. This fuels our team’s creativity. A large percentage of our business is driven by what would be considered standard technology, but it’s the new stuff that keeps our creativity flowing and drives our team for continuous innovation.  

We come back every year because Freshwater considers DSE a prerequisite for operating in the digital signage industry. Our presence continues to build on our partnerships and our brand in the space. We are leaders in the digital signage content space, but surrounding ourselves with other leaders helps us push our boundaries and continue to grow. Knowing everything about the space is impossible, and we pride ourselves on being students of the industry. DSE is one of the very few places where everyone comes together in a way that allows full access to experts across all functions of digital signage. 

In addition to meeting with new people, DSE is a great show for learning about what’s possible. While technology changes a little year over year, it is what is being done with this technology that evolves rapidly. Seeing how companies are solving unique challenges and delivering rich interactive experiences to screens large and small is a huge highlight every year. I’m always inspired by the projects and creative solutions I see every year at the show.

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