Ask the Board – February 19, 2018 | MARK ZWICKER


What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

The most valuable experience I gain from attending DSE is making connections. As far as I’m aware, DSE is the single largest event where people gather to discuss all aspects of digital signage. In some cases, I’m connecting with an old industry friend, just to catch-up. More often than not, I’m making net-new connections. In my position, I may meet a new vendor partner that can add benefit to one of our clients, or I meet a potential client interested in our content services. Either way, it’s a great place to connect.

I’ve been coming back to DSE, year after year, so I can keep current on new technology and trends. The tradeshow floor can be a bit overwhelming when you first walk in, with so many displays and different technologies. I take the time to walk from booth to booth and ask “What’s new this year?” You can always walk away feeling enthusiastic about the technology progression in this industry. There is also a great selection of seminars and on-floor workshops, which provides ample opportunities to learn something new.

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