Ask the Board – February 19, 2018 | STEVE GLANCEY


What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

I go to DSE every year because a lot can happen in a year, so it’s a great opportunity to: 

  1. See any new products from competitors and partners.
  2. Build key relationships with partners, prospective customers and friends in the industry all in one place.
  3. Stay in the know regarding any new technology or lack-there-of.
  4. Get a good feel for industry trends talking face-to-face with partners or companies I never knew existed.
  5. Some of the sessions and seminars can be really helpful with in-depth case studies and tips.
  6. We bring the majority of the Screenfeed team to the show every year as it provides for some great opportunities for team bonding in and around the event. Think go-karts, indoor skydiving, Cirque du Soleil, driving Corvettes, TopGolf, spa days, limos, magic shows, damaging rental vans, crazy booth failure stories, Red Rock, delicious Thai food and so much more. The DSE week has a special place in many of my personal memories while working at Screenfeed. 
  7. DSE has become the “annual capstone” for product launches and company goals at Screenfeed.

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