Ask the Board – February 20, 2017 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


How has touch interactivity evolved over the past few years, and what are some important things to consider today before implementation?”

Interactivity enabled by screen ‘touch’ technologies, like any technology, continues to evolve and improve in both quality and reliability while getting less expensive. The most dramatic evolution has been the creativity of the content and the associated applications using this technology. Where ‘touch’ technologies were limited to just an individual user, the technology has progressed to enable several simultaneous users broadening the sense of community and participation of these implementations. Once again, the mobile device has driven the expectation of touchscreen interactivity. Digital natives/Gen Z, simply expect it! If there isn’t touch interactivity, the assumption is that the display is ‘broken.’ As with every media-based solution, the single most important question to ask is why? Why are we considering touchscreen interactivity, and is this the most appropriate technology to solve our challenge to the benefit of the projected user? Are we prepared to produce the quality (and quantity) of content needed to implement a successful campaign? And lastly, what are our success metrics, and how are we going to measure the efficacy of this program?

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