Ask the Board – February 20, 2017 | JONATHAN BRAWN


How has touch interactivity evolved over the past few years, and what are some important things to consider today before implementation?”

Touch has become a major part of any modern digital signage strategy, simply out of necessity. The potential audience has a tendency to ignore traditional signage the more they are exposed to it and pay attention to their phones as they move through a space. Touch interaction is still different and new enough to grab attention, and the enhanced benefit and control the user has over ingestion of information keeps their attention. Touch technology costs have come down, and it is now available from mainstream vendors, like NEC, LG and Samsung, that are readily recognized by the end user community.

The important things to consider …the owner of a digital signage system needs to have a solid plan on what the user will get from the interaction, and how they will actually interact. The call to action is critical (how do we get them over to the display and make them touch it) and then making it easy enough to use so that we don’t lose their interest.

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