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What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

The application of dynamic signage and place-based media moves forward quickly as the media proves its value and its enabling technologies provide better price/performance propositions. Keeping abreast of evolutions and breakthroughs through education, demonstrations and professional networking discussions are critical to the success of every professional and enterprise involved in business to consumer (B2C), B2B and B2B2C. The insight-rich DSE annual event is a one-stop event for these.

Here’s why I come back every year. In hearing what is new and getting updates on what I have learned about previously, I stay on top of my dynamic media game. The APEX Awards offer best practices and education sessions by best-in class end users. Providers offer insights, trade show exhibitors showcase technology and service advancements and the ability to network with industry insiders offer insights to trends, risk management and worthy investment.

All of the elements of dynamic and place-based media are represented at DSE. The event could be called the W5 of DS, offering actionable insights into the “who, what, where, when and why” of this impactful and high-value medium. When the “how” is added, it makes DSE the must- attend event of the year for professionals and organizations in retail, food services, transportation, banking, hospitality, health care, tourism, education, sports, entertainment, manufacturing, consumer services, urban experience and other sectors. Firms that serve these sectors benefit greatly from all that DSE has to offer. DSE is the first event that I put on my calendar every year. 

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