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What are some operational solutions that have helped your network effectively manage growth and control disparate display types?”

Consistency, standards and flexibility are the key components to effectively manage growth of a digital signage network and control disparate display types.

Consistency: It is important to implement consistent deployment strategies with scalability. Location list should be optimized to maximize viewer visibility, engagement opportunities and environmental fit. Digital displays should enhance their environment and provide information that is relevant to their audiences whether delivering train schedule information on a station platform or the latest financial news in an office elevator.

Standards:  Standard ad formats are key to successful monetization of available advertising inventory on digital displays. Utilizing standard resolution and aspect ratio will streamline the digital ad ops process and please your agency/client partners as they can re-purpose creative assets and save production costs.

Flexibility: Implementing a content/device management platform with flexible API integrations is also very important, so you can automate as the network grows regardless of display type, and implement the most efficient way to grow your network using the latest technology.

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