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What are some operational solutions that have helped your network effectively manage growth and control disparate display types?”

The main way we define content as difficult to provide is if it is exclusive or hard-to-get, such as videos or content produced by major media outlets that have high licensing costs or exclusivity. Examples include sports games or award ceremonies.

Our solutions:

  1. If it’s hard to get, we dig deeper to understand the need we’re filling. Once we understand the need, we ask a few questions: Is it a need that a similar type of video or graphic can fulfill? Are multiple outlets producing content on the same message or event? Can we entertain or engage our audience in a different way?
  1. If it’s very specific or unique, we have two main ways we fulfill the content type for our clients. First, we ask our partners if it’s on their editorial calendars or slated to be produced in the near future. If not, our second step would be to send it to our creative team to research and produce. This is one of the main benefits of having a creative team in-house.

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