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What are some operational solutions that have helped your network effectively manage growth and control disparate display types?”

Operational solutions for networks with different products require innovation, compromise and great data management/reporting.


In January of 2016, Captivate built a self-service portal called Captivate Create to allow local advertisers to create, schedule, target and pay for their advertising campaign quickly and easily on large-format lobby screens and inside office building elevators. The tool transcodes the video to the different screen products’ specifications and recognizes differences in other technological capabilities.


Captivate’s lobby screen products use real-time data to trigger specific ad copy and creative that can switch within three to five seconds of data collection. To assure clients that an elevator solution would be available, we are building a text-only option inside the building which will use triggers with slightly higher delays than the lobby’s. In this case, real-time image and video updating is less achievable due to the elevator cab’s signal strength.

Data management/reporting

Captivate unveiled a new large-format video product on its elevator screens in the summer of 2016 that features a full-motion 15-second commercial in a 640 x 400 format (lobbies also include a full-screen version). This product runs on nearly 40 percent of Captivate elevator screens and is not available on the remaining 60 percent. To accurately price, schedule and fulfill on this delivery, Captivate must update and manage its equipment list on a nightly basis and re-verify the traffic instructions at the time of airing. Although Captivate manages more than 12,000 screens, this is a function that has proven to be relatively easy with Captivate’s commitment to client pre/post-sales reporting.        

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